Sports and Rehabilitation Medicine

At Westminster, our Sports Medicine department believes that when your body and mind work in concert, there’s no limit to how far you can go. You can work wonders when your sense of well-being and your will to win are in perfect rhythm. We are here to help you find that rhythm. Lead by able physicians, our goal has always been to help the human body reach maximum strength and movement potential, in both preventive and rehabilitative ways.
Injury | Dislocation | Labral Tear | SLAP Tear/Injury | Impingement Syndrome| Acromioclavicular Joint & Clavicle Injury Rotator Cuff Tear | Calcific Tendinitis
Cartilage Injuries | Ligament Injuries |Meniscal Injuries
Other Injuries
Elbow Injury | Wrist & Hand Injury | Thumb ulnar collateral ligament | Distal Biceps Rupture | Intervertebral Disc Prolapse | Bottom & Hip Pain | Groin Pain

Why Choose Sports & Rehabilitation Medicine at Westminster?

At Westminster, we focus on the well-being of your muscles, bones, joints and ligaments and our doctors will help relieve pain, regain motion and restore normal bodily functions. Our team of experts takes sports injury rehabilitation to the next level, with the best of equipment’s and training programs to prevent sport injuries and enhance performance. Access to a health club, workouts and physiotherapy are easily accessible. Accurate diagnosis is done when it comes to sports injuries. it’s important to find the exact diagnosis to provide the appropriate treatment at the appropriate time. The return to sport is the key marker of success in measuring the sports injury outcome.

How It Works

Thorough clinical examination by our sports injury specialist consultant
Appropriate radiological investigations such as X Rays, Ultrasound, CT, MRI scans, Arthrograms, Nerve Conduction Results, etc.
Conservative or Non-Surgical Management consists of Medications, Injections (sometimes under ultrasound guidance), Splints/Braces, Intense Targeted Physiotherapy & Focused Rehabilitation.
If indicated, either conventional or Arthroscopic (Keyhole) procedures can be done.

Other Specialist

Dermatology & Aesthetics
General Surgery

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