Preventive Health & Family Medicine

In the never-ending race to achieve success in other aspects of life health and particularly prevention take a back seat.

Statistics show that prevention is not only better but safer, faster and cheaper than cure.

When it comes to prevention there is no one size that fits all, hence personalised preventive health is the need of the hour.

Entire Range of Health Screening Package
Ranging from basic to advance based on international screening guidelines.
Preventive Health Experts
Specialised in the field of family medicine, diabetology, cardiology, infectious disease, etc.,.
Cutting Edge Technology
Latest in diagnostic and radio imaging
Personalised Preventive Health Care
Personal concierge to walk you through the screening process.

Why Choose Preventive Health at Westminster?

Preventative Health at Westminster is a unique conglomeration of latest in technology, preventive health experts, personalised patient care in a state of art facility at affordable prices.

Other Specialist

Dermatology & Aesthetics
General Surgery

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