Our Physiotherapy Department drives this agenda. With its origin dating back to 460 BC, the science of physiotherapy has evolved from a simple massage and water therapy to a highly technological portfolio of therapies with many specialised applications. However, the goal hasn’t changed: To help the human body reach maximum strength and movement potential, in both preventive and rehabilitative ways.
Range of Movement Exercises
Activities of Daily Living Training
Yoga and Relaxation Therapy
Co-ordination Training
Strengthening Exercises
Chest Physiotherapy

Diabetic Care

Our physiotherapist will plan a specific exercise programme based on the needs of each individual. Simple exercises like aerobics, manual therapy, massage and use of electrotherapeutic devices to treat musculoskeletal conditions that occur with diabetes are some of the methods to enable the body to return to its normalcy. Keeping in mind the fact that leg and foot problems are the common reasons for diabetes related hospitalisation we have designed a specific foot care programme as well.

Neurological Physiotherapy

Our therapists aim to create opportunities for people to learn, maintain and adapt skills to function independently. They work with each individual assessing their current status to put them on the path to recovery by creating simple but timely goals. These goals will vary from person to person and could range from their normal day-to-day activities like bathing, grooming, cooking, walking, driving or even taking up a sport again.

Some of the key conditions that we offer services for

Peripheral neuropathy
Post-spinal cord injury stabilization rehab
Bells palsy
Peripheral nerve injuries
Cerebellar ataxia

Pediatric Physiotherapy

Growing children have specific needs relating to their physical development which can benefit from the specialised approach of a pediatric physiotherapist. An evidence-based therapy committed to optimising a child’s movement, it is achieved by gaining the best muscle and joint function available in the growing body. This is precisely what the child specialist physiotherapist at Westminster will be working towards. Two key things that we offer are early intervention and working with cerebral palsy children.

Women’s Health

Empowering women with the right kind of physical therapies for the various conditions that they face at various stages of their life, from new born to adolescents, through the child bearing years to older women’s health, is a full - ledged specialty here at Westminster. The design and form of the woman’s anatomy raises a lot of challenges when it comes to keeping it fit and in optimal condition. Our physiotherapist who specialise in women’s health will spend quality time with each individual to understand the requirements and prescribe the right and efficient therapies for the same.

Why Choose Physiotherapy at Westminster?

Westminster’s Physiotherapy is expertise in providing services for Ante natal, Post - natal exercises, Pelvic floor muscle re-education, Postural correction, Yoga & relaxation techniques, Strengthening, Stabilising exercises, Pain management, Diet counselling, Guidance for safe exercise during pregnancy

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