Westminster’s paediatrics department is staffed with highly skilled and empathetic doctors whose goal is not only to treat children, but to help their family create a happy and healthy future for them. In addition to well-planned nutrition and a healthy environment, we make sure your children receive the best medical attention in their growing years, both for preventing and curing disorders.
Consultation & Diagnosis
Diagnosis and treatment of common childhood ailments. Paediatric health check-ups and Vaccination and immunisation
Growth and developmental assessment,Nutritional evaluation and dietary counselling,Parental education
Pediatric Cardiology
This department aims to provide the best preventive care for kids from various heart conditions by constant and timely monitoring it ring of kids from very early stages.
Pediatric Urology
With one of the best urology surgeon in the city at the holm, this department offers laparoscopic urology treatments for children.
Pediatric Physiotherapy
Making sure that a child has the most optimal motor skills and addressing any growth and development challenges is what this department specialise in.
Care for children with Diabetes & Obesity
A lot of care needs to be taken to treat children with diabetes and obesity considering the social stigma attached with it. Our doctors are experts at this and work towards bringing a long-lasting solution to these conditions.
Pediatric Neurology
A specialty that deals with conditions of the brain, nerve, spinal cord this department provides treatment to kids with epilepsy, down syndrome, other neurological disorders and even seizures.
Pediatric Psychiatry
This department deals with the most sensitive and important part of a child’s growth-their mental health. We provide care and treatment with context to the families, schools and community.

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