At Westminster, the Orthopaedics department is designed to provide excellent prehab and rehab facilities and services as day care. The best orthopedicians provide you with quality and compassionate care for all kinds of knee, spine, joint problem. We focus on finding the root cause of the problem to prevent surgery. In collaboration with the Physiotherapy department and access to a state of the are health club we enable optimal movement for individuals.
Minimally Invasive Procedures
Local Hydrocortisone injection | Joint aspiration | Needle biopsy | Keyhole Surgery | Skeletal traction | Computer Assisted Knee Surgery | Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Surgery
Endoscopic Procedures
Discectomy | Epidural injection | Arthroscopy: Diagnostic / Therapeutic
Total Spine Care
Disc Prolapse (non-invasive treatments with core strengthening) | Spinal injections | Physiotherapy
Small Joint Scopies
Elbow (tennis elbow or resistant elbow) | Wrist (sports injuries) | Ankle | Knee (ACL, sports injuries) | Hipscopies
Shoulder Care
Recurrent dislocation of shoulder Keyhole surgery through arthroscopy | Rotator cuff tears
Proknee Programme
Our ProKnee program treats each individual’s knee problem as a unique condition, helping us design a personalized weight loss and treatment regimen. Through effective pain management and continuous monitoring, the program becomes a healing process that eliminates the need for surgery. We help you take surer, steadier steps to a fulfilled life.

Why choose Orthopedics at Westminster?

Westminster’s Orthopedics team helps in Taking into consideration all your problems, our specialists will recommend the appropriate procedure and guide you through recovery.

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General Surgery

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