The Neuropsychiatry department at Westminster has one mission – to help and deal with problems related to Brain Health. The Unique feature is a Holistic approach to every health-related issue. Strategic approach to distinct problems, stress management programs, Elderly care, Outpatient detox and deaddiction, Rehabilitation programs including Neuro-rehabilitation and Adolescent crisis care. Our team of Consultants make an assessment, offer a diagnosis and provide treatments tailored to each individual.
Couples Therapy
Through couples’ therapy, our psychologist will find ways to guide you through marriage, family planning and interpersonal relationships while providing guidelines to deal with these problems. Hypnotherapy, Relaxation Therapy
Therapy Assessments
IQ Assessments, Learning Disability Assessment, Behaviour Rating (Anxiety, Depression, OCD, ADHD, Autism, Personality Tests, Neuropsychological Tests
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
Our specialists focus on behaviour and communication rather than past experiences to help with problem solving. Through CBT, psychologists deal with problems including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, eating disorders, substance abuse and personality problems to name a few. Psychotherapy & Counselling, Through psychotherapy, our psychologists take care to reduce the discomfort experienced by the patient at the time of the therapy session. Using a range of techniques like relationship building, proper dialogue and communication as well as behavioural changes to improve the mental health of the patient. Supportive Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis

Why Choose Neuropsychiatry at Westminster?

Our services are available to people of all ages. We attend to every minute details of the problems that a patient carries and suffers from. We then provide solutions to every issue. All aspects of health are covered and we offer a comprehensive care suited to the patients needs.

Helping with the Diagnosis is an advanced 3T MRI and CT scan.

Management of problems that are related to Functional aspects of the Brain Management protocols are based on international guidelines and Neuroscientific research.

Brain being a complex organ requires great set of skills and expertise to diagnose and treat the issues.

Working in tandem with Neurologists and Neurosurgeons for the best possible outcome and care. Management of various Mental health problems include Depression and Anxiety, suicidal thoughts, Addiction (Smoking, Alcohol and other illicit drugs, screen addiction), Occupational stress, Dementia and memory problems, Bipolar disorders, Schizophrenia, OCD, Adolescent crisis, Cognitive impairments etc. Stress Management Clinic for those suffering from occupational and other stress related illnesses for every age group. Includes Transcranial Direct current stimulation therapy for individual with cognitive issues.We offer wide range of clinical services including Clinical Psychology which helps in diagnosing personality problems, behavioural issues, IQ and offering couple therapy, Cognitive behavioural therapy and various other therapies depending on the individual for all age groups. Treatment approach is based on each individual, devised according to the needs and deficiency in the area of involvement. Backed up by neuro-rehabilitation and Electro-therapy, Fully equipped Gymnasium with trainers, Zumba and Yoga for the Holistic Care.

Other Specialist

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General Surgery

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