Internal Medicine

The objective of our Internal Medicine department is to understand the patient’s state of health and medical problems in their entirety. Our internal medicine doctors cover all specialisations in vital internal organs from head to toe, and use their deep knowledge of patients to ensure that they have access to only the most effective solutions from among the whole array of advanced diagnostic care and medical treatment tools.
Accurate diagnosis to avoid unnecessary investigations and drugs
Focused treatment plans for perfect health
Counselling in achieving clarity to take best decision
Maintenance of optimal health
Management of diabetes and other chronic conditions
Drug interactions and side effects

Why Choose Internal Medicine at Westminster?

In-depth study on every case

Doctors of internal medicine study each patient and their case deeply, and then research the problem further if needed. They then recommend the best way to tackle the problem, taking all its aspects, including possible complications, into consideration.

Before every other physician

Doctors of Internal Medicine, also known as internists, deal with the medicinal side of the illness. They are often specialists in treating diabetes, obesity, hypertension, women’s health and even general medicine.
The internists don’t perform surgery, but they will investigate issues that other specialists might not have been able to resolve. Once the investigation is complete and the diagnosis is made, the internist will then direct you to the appropriate specialist.

Other Specialist

Dermatology & Aesthetics
General Surgery

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