General Surgery

Westminster, primarily being a day-care facility specialises in array of surgeries that allow the guest to get back home on the same day of the surgery. This is also made possible by the seamless, efficient processes and the state of the art operating theatres that govern all the surgeries that happen at Westminster.

Why Choose your General Surgery at Westminster?

With over 30 years of experience, our general surgeons perform day care surgeries ranging from gastroenterology, laparoscopic surgery, thyroid, neck, breast, hernias, pilonidal sinus and varicose veins. Not just the doctors, but every single physician, nurse and technician in the general surgery team play their role to perfection in sync with the rest to make sure the guest enjoy a smooth and less painful experience. True to its vision of providing the latest in medical technology the operating theatres are equipped with the world’s best instruments, while the recovery suites are in no way lesser than any five-star hotel rooms.
Rectal Procedures
Our specialists examine the problem, finding solutions and providing aid while putting you at ease with these minimally invasive procedures. Fistula-in-Ano | Early stage of Piles | Fissure-in-Ano | Colonoscopy
Smaller Incisions
Even the smallest problems require a guiding hand and our specialists can perform smaller incisions that take no time at all. Ear lobe repair | Corn excisions | Warts
Other Services
Abscess | Cysts | Lumps | Endoscopic procedures | Hernia | Hydrosil | Lipoma | Ganglion | Ingrown nail removal | Lymph node biopsy in neck | Fibroadenoma in breast | Sebaceous cyst

Other Specialist

Dermatology & Aesthetics
General Surgery

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