Find the rhythm of your life.

When your body and mind work in concert, there’s no limit to how far you can go.
You can work wonders when your sense of well-being and your will to win are in perfect rhythm.
Westminster is designed to help you find that rhythm.

The leading edge at your service.

Our diagnostic and therapeutic technology has the complete array of tools and techniques giving you the advantage of the latest developments from research centers round the world.

Access to 2nd opinions from UK Doctors
Cloud Based Medical records

First Health membership:
Welcome to personalized luxury healthcare.

First Health membership is a thoroughly worked out program that is designed to take you to peak fitness, and keep you there for life.

First health features several health packages rolled into one.

Total Health Report

Chaperone services for unaccompanied clients

24/7 Tele-Medicine

Direct access to your doctors

E- Health card for global GP access

Unlimited consults during the annual membership

Dental checks & Monthly Physiotherapy

Access to our rehabilitation center

Total Health Report

The most comprehensive health screening.

When it comes to a health screening, there is no single solution that fits everyone. Which is why we use the results of your Omniscience health evaluation to design a comprehensive Total Health Report specifically for you.

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World class expertise.

We do everything it takes to ensure that you have access to the best care the world has to offer. Our doctors are among the most respected in their fields and our technicians are at the cutting edge. They deploy the best current practices from around the world.

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